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how good is it to be bad...!!!!
it burns..!!!
ppl...say u gotto be nasty to get ur things done....infants play tantrums...adults play tricks...but then u c everyone is corrupt!!!
so how do v say that u are bad n im good???

btw...after writin song lingers on mah mind...its absolutely not related to the aforesaid...

Bryan adams-If ya wanna be bad - ya gotta be good

she gotta nasty reputation and a talent for sin
she's the kinda trouble - i like to be in
i wanna be her lover - i wanna be her slave
she's the kinda woman makes me wanna misbehave
she said "i'll give ya what you want boy - but lets make it understood
if ya wanna be bad - ya gotta be good"

she's say's "there'll be no lyin' - no foolin' around
no seven day weekends - no nights on the town"
she said "that's the way i want it - that's the way it's gotta be
if yer lookin' for trouble - better get it from me
so get on your knees boy - and do what you should
if you wanna be bad you gotta be good"


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